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Grafile Office Core Windows XP Icons

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Windows XP Icons Collection Overview

The Windows XP Icons set contains [15.550] unique icons and overlays. Total; [2.359.415] files with ai, bmp, icns, ico, jpg, png, psd, svg, xaml file extensions This set covers all your needs to illustrate [common] functions and objects such as [find, save, print, documents, clipboard, navigation, help, windows, views] and much more.

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Why Grafile Icons

In pursuit of peak efficiency, we've masterfully minimized Illustrator file sizes. We've optimized with precision, ensuring minimal anchor points, axis-alignable paths, and fixed close points. Say goodbye to redundant baggage, as we've skillfully rectified unnecessary handles, discarded unused swatches, brushes, and symbols, to deliver a sleek, unburdened canvas for your creative endeavors.